How can I schedule my first pick up?
You can choose one of the three way: by download the app, by using the website or text: PICK UP at 305-8601444
Will you bring a bag when you pick up?
For the first pick up you will put your garment on a regular bag and we will return a branded bag for your next order.
Will I received a reminder that you are coming by?
You will received a text message when the driver is on his way.
At what times do you normally pick up or deliver?
Pick ups and deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
There is a minimum order for wash and fold?
You can send as much garment as you want. The minimum amount charged for wash and fold will be $25.
Do you offer same day service?
Yes, we do offer same day service with and extra charge.
Do I have to separate my clothes?
Yes, you have to separate you garment by type of service. Make sure your dry-clean and Laundry goes in a different bag than your wash and fold. If you have alterations please keep them apart from the rest of the bags.
Do you recycle hangers?
Yes, we do recycle hanger. Please leave the hangers to the driver on your next pick up and we will take care of them.
What should I do if I miss an pick up or delivery?
If you miss a pick up or delivery please contact Us as soon as possible to reschedule your service. You can text Us directly to the app, or contact Us on the website or whatassp at 305-8601444.
Can I cancel a pick up?
Yes, you can cancel your pick up anytime with no charge.
How much do you charge for pick up and delivery?
Pick ups and deliveries are FREE.
Do you have a subscription plan?
We have a subscription plan for wash and fold service and for drycleanig and laundry service. Check more info on our service and price option.